Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Hens One Nest Box

Okay, sorry for the naughty title, I thought it was funny. Two days ago I went out to check on the chickens, Alabama was screeching her dramatic little head off. Turns out she wanted the middle nest box... but lo and behold there were already TWO chickens in the nest box. There are three nesting boxes and not everyone lays at the same time. What silly things! Alabama then gets into the nest box next to them and peaks her head up over the side, looks down on them and squawks at them even more. They're obviously not protective of the nest boxes but she certainly is.

Yesterday I missed church... I wasn't feeling well when I woke up but I knew my mom and my husband's mom would be out for coffee after so I started scrambling around trying to get things clean and get coffee on the go. I ran to get the eggs turned and hydrate the incubator, it looked dry in there and so I was panicked thinking something had happened to the eggs. I spilled some water by accident and in my haste to keep the eggs from getting wet I dropped one. I could have cried. Egg white came out and it wasn't bloody so I am assuming it wasn't fertilized. I candled again last night and came up with a better way to hydrate the incubator, I wet a facecloth and put it on a plastic top off a container. When I woke up this morning the incubator was still hydrated and humid. When I candled last night, everything looked as it should. This will be last the last time I'll really be able to see anything. I only candled 3 of them. One of them seems to have a blood ring which means it probably died. This has been present for several days. If it died... well at least it didn't struggle. :(

I think I've won back some hearts. I brought treats out yesterday but today it's wonderful and warm out! They ran with me to the shed (they haven't done that for days) and peeped and chirped while I fed them. I think the snow just put them in bad moods and now they're happy that the sun is shining! My favourite girl, B.B. followed me around chirping all the while and even Bill seemed happy. I had three eggs today, that's the most I've gotten in a while! :D Yay chickens!

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