Thursday, February 3, 2011


I need to remember to post in blogs more. Gosh I can be so slack about things like that sometimes! I have eggs in the home made incubator right now! I am so excited about them. There are nine in there but I think only seven at the most are fertilized and viable. I am excited to see these red sex links. I just hope I don't have all boys or I will be heart broken.

I was very paranoid yesterday because there was an awful snow storm and I was afraid the power would be knocked out and then what would happen to my eggs? They are still 11 days from hatching and I'm sure the result wouldn't have been good.

My chickens have spent the past two days in the coop. I feel terrible about it. I open the door for them and they won't come out. I really don't blame them. The snow is so deep, I can barely walk at this point. But the coop isn't really meant for living in. It's there for sleeping and laying eggs. None the less I brought their food and water to them. Poor things are so confused though... I shut the door tonight a little later and when I did I poked my head in to check on everyone. B.B. thought it was morning and therefore breakfast time so she peeped and jumped right off the roost and over to the food bowl and peeped some more. Super cute but I picked her up and put her back on the roost and left. We plan on making a covered run for them... it was mostly in case we had to go somewhere overnight and couldn't shut the coop... guess it will be useful for snow too.

We've also got some bad frostbite going around. I love my Rhode Island Reds, they are definitely more friendly than my Silverlaced Wyandottes but their combs get so frostbitten. Makes me feel terrible for making them live in such a harsh climate. I was going to get Austrolorps and SLWs but the farm gave all of the Orps to the 4H kids. I was highly unimpressed.

Anyway, sleepy time! I'll post some photos of the eggs!

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