Monday, February 21, 2011

Mostly pictures

My means of breaking BB's egg eating habit are so far diet (more calcium) and scolding and swatting her if she pecks an egg.  A lot of people think you might not be able to get through to a chicken this way but they are actually quite intelligent.  They were the first animals to be trained with a clicker.  I am thinking if things get real desperate, I might try to add clicker training.  Maybe like... she pecks the egg she gets swatted.  She leaves the egg, she gets a treat and a click.  That might work.  Yeah I probably sound absolutely insane but I'm a little desperate. 

Here's what you're all looking for though.

 All different shades.  If you have Aracuanas you can get blue, green and lavender coloured eggs.  Matthew had a few of those once.  My Rhodies lay brown and my SLWs lay beige.

 Stripes on the back like this mean these little ones are female!

 Macky, my husband's favourite and the runt of the bunch, stretching her little legs!  She is also in a teacup!

 This handsome fellow is Vincent.  He already thinks he is cock of the walk :)

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