Thursday, March 31, 2011


I went to the states for a few days... My husband's mother's family is from the US.  Masachussettes is where we were exactly.  My husband's grandfather died.  The funeral was beautiful.  His grandfather was a police officer for 30 years so it was police escorted, he was also a WWII vet so there was this lovely American flag ceremony at the graveyard.  I loved meeting his family, everyone had neat accents.  His grandmother was such a doll.  I loved it there but we didn't get to sight see much.  I will post some photos once I finish editing from my Saturday shoot.

I will however show you guys what I plan on making this weekend!

It's for the chicks!  They are huge and feathered!  They are in Belle's old crate, hanging out :)  I took Elle and Vincent outside today.  Vincent is such a little rooster already!  I was soooo worried while we were in the states.  As busy as we were, I was terrified for what I would find when I got home.  I came home to a happy group of chickens and chicks!  So wish me luck with the tractor and I'll post photos as soon as I can!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gender confusion

Ever since I got rid of Bill, we've had some confusion.  The flock needed direction and Alabama seems to have taken on roll of leader.  However Alabama has confused me with a giant rooster.  You see, now that Bill is gone, she crouches when she sees me as if I am a rooster waiting to mate with her.  Except this morning.  I've been separating BB due to egg eating again (which is starting to drive me insane).  After she lays her egg in Belle's old dog crate, I let her out to free range with the others.  I picked her up on my way out to let the flock out and sat her down when I opened the door.  I led them over to my shed and started to feed them.  When I had my back turned, I heard flapping sounds.  I turned around and there is Alabama, on top of BB... mating with her... well... as best a hen can mate another hen! 

What kind of gender confused chicken is this?!  I'm going to have to make sure she doesn't get too rooster like, or I'll need to put chicken saddles on everyone!  And now what am I going to do when Vincent is introduced as the rooster.  What's going to happen then?  The chicks are getting huge.  Elle is nothing but feathers but some still have fuzz and feathers.  Elle is my favourite and I'm not afraid to admit that.  She was the first I saw hatch, she loves being picked up and going for little adventures outside.  She tries desperately to get away from me and join the other chickens but they don't understand what she is.  BB came over and stole some of her food, which was a good thing because it showed Elle where to peck... but then she pecked Elle!  She got swatted away after that. 

Zoe and Arlene still have their saddles on, they look so cute but it's more because Zoe has new skin and no feathers on it and I need to protect that.  Arlene is still healing but her wound is all closed up now.  Chicken skin is very thin and delicate and it can be cut and damaged very easy, so she needs something to cover it if she doesn't have feathers. 

So long for now :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How the babies are doing!

My chicks are thriving!  I have yet to edit some photos I took of them because I haven't been on top of my editing.  They have little feathers now!  They started on their wings and are now sprouting out of all kinds of random spots... so they are really awkward looking.  They still have down and they have teeny tiny feathers so it's an interesting combo.  My first born (haha now I sound like a crazy chicken lady), Elle is the most awkward of all.  Her head has almost microscopic feathers on it mixed with down which gives her the appearance of having over gelled, teenage boy hair from 1999.  You remember that right?

I just gave them a treat of scrambled eggs.  A lot of people ask me about this, they think it's kind of like canabalism.  Here is the thing, a chick gets all of it's nutrients from the yolk while in the egg becoming an adorable fluffy chick.  So all of those nutrients are still great for them when they get older!  I found myself with two dozen eggs in the fridge and wasn't sure what to do so I whipped a few up, gave them to my hens first and then my chicks.  My hens scarfed them down in about 3 seconds flat.  My chicks are still kind of special... they grab bits of egg and instead of eating it they run around chirping happily or maniacly, not sure which as of yet, and then find a corner to try to eat it.  But by chirping they have now drawn attention to themselves and someone will usually come over and steal their bit of egg.  When I hold the little dish out for them sometimes they go completely insane and jump on my arm and hand or on the dish and try to take all the egg for themselves instead of sharing with each other.  They also adore cheerios like their older counterparts.  Not so fond of grapes though, neither are the older ones.  Birds of a feather eh..?

Now on the subject of Bill.  Bill was given away to Circle Pond Farms in Chester where I got him as a chick with his siblings.  Their two young roosters were duds when it came to fertilizing eggs and as we all know, Bill is the king of that, so he will spend his days getting as much chicken nookie as he can handle and will produce adorable Rhode Island Red chicks for all!  :D  Vincent will stay with my flock and we'll see how he does as a rooster!  I got the chicken saddles in the mail anyway, so I was able to put those on my two injured hens and let them back out in the yard.  I need to post photos later because they look super cute.  I'll be posting a link to the shop I got them from at the bottom of the blog.  My husband put a pink one on my cat and hilarity ensued.  I spit out my tea because I laughed so hard.  If you dress a cat apparently it slinks around the house in a ridiculous manner.

The chicks just started trying to dustbath when I checked on them.  That isn't good.  Dustbathing in poop and shavings isn't going to get them anywhere haha.