Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicken Saddles and Lockdown

I'm super nervous.  People on who have the same hatch date as me have already had chicks hatch or they can hear them peeping at least.  I am nervous about mine.  To be quite honest, I don't know what I'm doing with these guys... if they don't work out well maybe I'll buy a little incubator instead of going homemade.  You can get these little ones for about 60 bucks online.  They hold like 6 eggs or something.  So here I am on lockdown.  I opened the incubator once to add moisture.  I'm using a large wet rag to keep the humidity up so that nobody drowns in the incubator if they hatch.

So chicken saddles... well when I first heard the term I was a little weirded out.  But I have since discovered that they are a necessity sometimes.  Young roosters can be a little over eager and will often break and rip feathers out of hens while mating with them.  They have claws and they cause issues when they mount the girls backs.  So someone invented chicken saddles and I've ordered some for my girls!

I have some coming in the mail from a lovely woman on Etsy!  So I can't wait to protect my poor girls backs!  And they'll look pretty cute while they are nice and covered!  Of course my husband thinks I am half nuts.  And I kind of picked out what I would call "country chic" patterns so that really didn't help the situation.  I should probably head to bed before I drive myself insane worrying about the chicks.

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