Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday my chicks started hatching.  I was really excited but I had to leave the house for an hour and  a half.  When I came back I watched one egg that I could hear really loud chirping from.  I watched probably only 10 minutes and the chick practically exploded out of the egg.  That wasn't enough for this chick though, it laid there for a minute to rest, then it kicked the egg shell away and tried to get up!  Within a half hour it was walking/wobbling around the incubator and using it's brother's and sister's eggs as jungle gyms.  I think that this chick may be a girl.  She has finally dried off as of this morning and is looking quite reddish.  If they are red/brown they are girls.  So here is hoping!  If that is a girl, her name is Elle :)  Did I tell you all that my names are all inspired from Quentin Tarantino movie characters?  I love Tarantino to death.  I am a huge Pulp Fiction fan, I love True Romance and Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2.   2 especially.

So here are some pictures of the adorable little peep!

Last night I had an accident.  Right after I saw a third egg pipped (pipped means there is a small hole in it) I tried to make myself some Indian Rotis.  I made one without olive oil and then decided to try to make one with.  I dropped the roti, it hit the pan and the oil splashed up into my face.  The result is here:

So they are pretty nasty.  It was quite awful, my husband is gone so the result was me screaming and crying, running around trying to get the oil off my face.  I ripped my glasses off and thank God I was wearing them and not my contacts, I ran to the sink and put my face under the water.  Giacomo and Belle ran away and Fawkes followed me around watching me cautiously and crying a little.  He was upset that I was upset.  Anyway, I am lacking a vehicle so my Dad took me to the hospital and they fixed me up.  They made sure there was no oil in my eye, put numbing cream on me, put shrink wrap on me basically and gave me a prescription for cream that my Dad got me.  I think it was second degree or so I heard my doctor mumbling.  Glad he was on call. 

So then this morning I found another adorable peep running around!  They are both in the brooder right now.  You're supposed to wait for them to dry entirely but they were having a hard time because they kept running into damp cloths I had in the incubator to keep it humid.  Haha way to go team.  So now there are two more that have pipped and I can't wait to see them!  :)  My current babies are nearly dry now!   So looks like my plan worked!  They even started eating the food without help.  I will keep you all posted!

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