Thursday, March 31, 2011


I went to the states for a few days... My husband's mother's family is from the US.  Masachussettes is where we were exactly.  My husband's grandfather died.  The funeral was beautiful.  His grandfather was a police officer for 30 years so it was police escorted, he was also a WWII vet so there was this lovely American flag ceremony at the graveyard.  I loved meeting his family, everyone had neat accents.  His grandmother was such a doll.  I loved it there but we didn't get to sight see much.  I will post some photos once I finish editing from my Saturday shoot.

I will however show you guys what I plan on making this weekend!

It's for the chicks!  They are huge and feathered!  They are in Belle's old crate, hanging out :)  I took Elle and Vincent outside today.  Vincent is such a little rooster already!  I was soooo worried while we were in the states.  As busy as we were, I was terrified for what I would find when I got home.  I came home to a happy group of chickens and chicks!  So wish me luck with the tractor and I'll post photos as soon as I can!

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