Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gender confusion

Ever since I got rid of Bill, we've had some confusion.  The flock needed direction and Alabama seems to have taken on roll of leader.  However Alabama has confused me with a giant rooster.  You see, now that Bill is gone, she crouches when she sees me as if I am a rooster waiting to mate with her.  Except this morning.  I've been separating BB due to egg eating again (which is starting to drive me insane).  After she lays her egg in Belle's old dog crate, I let her out to free range with the others.  I picked her up on my way out to let the flock out and sat her down when I opened the door.  I led them over to my shed and started to feed them.  When I had my back turned, I heard flapping sounds.  I turned around and there is Alabama, on top of BB... mating with her... well... as best a hen can mate another hen! 

What kind of gender confused chicken is this?!  I'm going to have to make sure she doesn't get too rooster like, or I'll need to put chicken saddles on everyone!  And now what am I going to do when Vincent is introduced as the rooster.  What's going to happen then?  The chicks are getting huge.  Elle is nothing but feathers but some still have fuzz and feathers.  Elle is my favourite and I'm not afraid to admit that.  She was the first I saw hatch, she loves being picked up and going for little adventures outside.  She tries desperately to get away from me and join the other chickens but they don't understand what she is.  BB came over and stole some of her food, which was a good thing because it showed Elle where to peck... but then she pecked Elle!  She got swatted away after that. 

Zoe and Arlene still have their saddles on, they look so cute but it's more because Zoe has new skin and no feathers on it and I need to protect that.  Arlene is still healing but her wound is all closed up now.  Chicken skin is very thin and delicate and it can be cut and damaged very easy, so she needs something to cover it if she doesn't have feathers. 

So long for now :)

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